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If my personality

dissolves in Kama Loka,

what makes it to Devachan?



From the Theosophical point of view the personality only makes up part of what you would term “You”. There are many components or principles that go to make up what we term the Human Constitution and some of these are immortal and some aren’t.


Man has seven principles, sometime referred to as bodies.


These are


Atma – The piece of the divine in everybody


Buddhi – Our individual spiritual identity


Manas – The Mind principle divided into higher – spiritual ideals and lower – concrete and rational thought.


Atma, Buddhi and higher Manas form the immortal part of man. Lower Mind and the four principles below are dumped at the end of your physical life and you get new ones for next time.


Kama – The desire principle


Prana – The life energy principle


Linga Sharira – The model body or template for your physical body


Sthula Sharira – Physical body – we are all familiar with this one.


The three surviving principles are called the Reincarnating Ego and they are basically what is left at the end of the Kama Loka period. The personality which is an aggregate of Kama or Desire Principle and the Lower Manas or Concrete Mind has dissolved but forms part of an imprint left by the essence of your last life on the Reincarnating Ego.


It is difficult to imagine carrying on with a level of cognitive awareness but without the personality. You don’t however suddenly lose the personality on entering Devachan in the way that you lose the Physical Body on entering Kama Loka.


The personality is developed by the Reincarnating Ego in order to express itself in physical life and is therefore a reflection of that Ego. The personality tends to take over and lose touch with the higher principles. A loose analogy to this would be the relationship that some people have with their car. You are what you drive but without the car you will become you again and adapting to that may be difficult.


You go into Devachan as your true self cleansed of the distortions acquired during physical life. More spiritual development means less distortion to lose and a shorter and easier trip through Kama Loka


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The South of Heaven

Guide to

Theosophy & Devachan



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